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Bacillus Thuringiensis (B.T.)
Bacillus subtilis
Validamycin • bacillus cereus 37% WP
Validamycin • Bacillus Cereus 12% Ap.
Buprofezin • Etrofolan 25% WP
Validamycin • buprofezin 30% WP
3% validamycin pyrimidinenucleoside AS
Buprofezin • monosultap 25% WP
480g/l chlorphrifos EC
Chlorfluazuron • carbofos 30% EC


 Bacillus subtilis

It’s a microbial fungicide. Prevent plant disease by nutrient competition to form
a high density protective bacterial layer on the plant surface to occupy the living space of the plant pathogen. Another way, the antimicrobial substances secreted by Bacillus subtilis can restrain spore germination and hypha growth to control the plant pathogen. It’s harmless to environment and also has positive effects on plant growth promotion

Target Diseases: Rice blast, Powdery mildew, Grey mold, Verticillium wilt, etc.

Crops Target Diseases Dosage Application Method
Strawberry Grey mold 600 – 900 g/ha. Spraying
Cucumber Powdery mildew 840 – 1260 g/ha. Spraying
1.Best controlling period is before or during the early stage of disease occurrence. Do spray thoroughly to maximize its contact with every parts of the crops.
2.Avoid applying in direct sunshine. Spray in late afternoon of sunny days or in cloudy weather.
1.Should wear protective clothing and gloves. In case of skin or eye contact, rinse with clean water at once.
2.Avoid the pollution of water source.
Low toxic. If swallow inadvertently and have any uncomfortable feeling, send to the hospital immediately.
Should be stored in shady, dry and ventilated place. Do avoid moisture, heat and solarization. Do not be stored and transported with food, drink, feedstuff,etc. And do avoid child mistake.
Validity: Two years.


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